How to choose the best Copper Pan

how to choose the best copper pan

How to Choose the Best Copper Pan


In almost every kitchen, the frying pan is the most used tool. It is ideal for cooking omelets, pancakes, meat or fish. Copper pans have become one of the most used ones by the greatest chefs. Not only they look beautiful with their warm color and shine, but they also offer many advantages. A typical, and best, copper pan is the one made of cast bronze, iron or stainless steel. The most important characteristic is that it has to be made of copper or consist of a whole layer of copper for best heat transmission.

Copper pans heat up slowly and this temperature is spread evenly through the whole pan, lowering the chances for your food to burn. Moreover, the heat stays longer, which is excellent for serving stews, pizzas and any food you like to stay warm. Copper pans are also very easy to clean, which is another great advantage. No more scrubbing out burn marks! Not less important, the copper layer reduces corrosion at the base layer of the pan. So, we can all agree that not only the copper pans have unique look and design, but they also offer you a list of benefits. Copper pans will change your life and improve the quality of your cooking!

How to Choose the Best Copper Pan?

Nowadays, most of the pans are not made of 100% copper. Instead, they are only lined with copper. You should take this into account when you are choosing the best copper pan. The ideal copper pan would be the heavy gauge copper (1/16 to ⅛ inch thick). The heavy models, featuring iron or brass handles, are even safe for oven use. And since copper pan can be pricey, you need to make sure you get the best product for the price. Here, we enlist the best characteristics of a copper pan, all of which are featured in Copper Chef pans.

#1 Thickness

When it comes to copper pans, the thicker the material, the better. The optimum thickness is 2.5mm. That is the thickness that makes a perfect balance between weight, heat conductivity and making methods. The 2.5mm copper layer of the pan provides control of the heating, both in and around the content. The pan contents at the bottom won’t be hotter than those at the surface of the pan. Also, a copper pan with 3mm layer will make the heating up and cool down slower than a 2.5mm one.

Copper Chef pan has the optimal 2.5mm thickness. It has a five layer construction, with infused ceramic coating that is PTFE and PFOA free, and a stainless induction plate. In addition, it has an aluminum core that provides excellent heat distribution and a high-temperature exterior coating. The fifth layer is the induction base, which retains the heat longer.

#2 Stainless Steel or Tin Lining?

Tin is an excellent conductor and it was traditionally used for lining the copper pans. However, it is really delicate when it comes to scratching. It is also a low melting metal which can’t endure heating over 437 F degrees. It is more susceptible to damage, which means more money for re-tinning the pan. On the other hand, stainless steel will save you from this inconvenience. It is stronger, easier for cleaning and more durable. Copper Chef pans are lined with aluminum and have steel induction plate on the bottom, which makes them an excellent choice.

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#3 Pan Handles

The copper pan handles can be made of stainless steel, iron or bronze. Most of the 2.5mm pans have iron handles. They give the pan stability and also stay cooler than other types of handles during the process of reduction. Pans that have 1.5 or 2 mm stainless lining come with handles of bronze or stainless steel. The stainless handles are slick and don’t offer form or grip support. On the other hand, bronze handles can lose their color after extensive cleaning or break. Also, bronze handles conduct radiant heat easily, making them hot faster than other types of handles.

The copper pans of the highest quality are featured by copper rivet handles with a rounded finish, in order not to create cool spots on the rim of the piece. Copper Chef pans come with riveted handles, the best option for pans, making them also oven safe and high temperature resistant. The deep fry pan comes with a helper handle, too. It is very useful when heavier dishes to and from an oven.

Copper Chef pans offer you everything you need from a cookware. You’ll be able to prepare healthier food, saving money by not using butter or oil. You’ll be able to fry, bake, roast or steam the food much easier without having to spend hours on cleaning the pan. When buying copper pan is extremely important to check the safety of the cookware. With Copper Chef pans you don’t have to worry about that- as mentioned above, the non-stick coating is completely PTFE and PFOA free. Also, it won’t peel off after some time or leave marks on the food. Unlike other copper pans, Copper Chef pans are safe to wash in the dishwasher.

Advantages Of Using Copper Pans

Advantages of using copper pans

Copper has been used and cherished for around 9,000 years. Nowadays, copper pans are fast becoming the favorite choice in kitchens all over the world, which means people now consider it to be good value for money spent. We all know that copper stands for class and perfection and its timeless style fits perfectly with any kitchen interior. By using copper pans, any meal can be prepared in a perfect and gentle way since they are the best for cooking and roasting. This is especially due to the fact that copper has excellent material properties.




It is widely known copper conducts heat than iron and stainless steel. It is the excellent heat conductivity that makes copper a perfect base material for a pan. Once you cook with copper cookware, you’re unlikely to go back to anything else. Copper’s superior cooking is its ability to spread out the heat to all parts of the pan evenly, so it’s particularly advantageous if you’re cooking multiple items simultaneously. This is just one of the many advantages of using copper pans, thus I suggest you take a look at the following advantages that this type of kitchen cookware offers.


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Advantages of using copper pans


Of all metals, copper is the most effective for cooking since it is durable, hygienic and corrosion-resistant. Copper is strong and as a non-corrosive metal it is very long lasting and it isn’t going to suffer the same type of wear and tear as other materials. These pans are used for generation after generation, all the while still looking as good as new. So, be prepared to enjoy its benefits for the duration of your cooking life. This is just another advantage that you would get from using this type of pan because these utensils maintain their luster and show for as long as you want.



  1. Conductivity


Like I mentioned above, this material heats evenly, so if you’re like me this will be of an enormous importance. This means no more recipe burnt when left for a prolonged time on the stove. Copper has excellent conductivity and it will enable you to cook sensitive foods without any worry, regardless of the heat source, unlike typical metals like aluminum and steel.


Also, due to conductivity, this metal as one of the most energy efficient materials requires less heat than you’re used to. Now, you will be capable of cooking delicate cuisine with ease even if you have little experience in the kitchen. Most important, the food will be tastier and healthier when it is cooked evenly. Copper is one of the most highly sensitive elements to conduction of heat and its ability to heat evenly makes sticking on a pan mostly a thing of the past!



  1. Easy Maintenance


Apart from the fact that copper pan saves a great deal of energy through proper heat conduction, the best part about copper cookware is its easiness to clean! Rustic copper pans take on an elegant antique look as they’re used, so scrubbing out burn marks will stay in the past. The copper pans are made by hand, so it is possible that there are slight imperfections but that just highlights the high-quality work. To keep the good look and longevity of your copper pan, it is important to read the use instructions that come with the product. Don’t use abrasive creams to clean the copper finish on your cookware. It is advisable to wash in hot soapy water with a soft cloth immediately after you are finished with your cooking. Whenever you do not use your copper cookware, it is best to store it in a dry place.




  1. Safety


It is completely natural to have doubts when you are starting to use the new product, but let me assure you copper pans are completely safe! Copper pans are commonly lined with stainless steel or tin so the user doesn’t need to be concerned with copper toxicity. So, there is no place for panic! Also, perfect heat conduction can be maintained through the lining. Most important, these lined copper pans can protect you from potential toxicity related to copper.

Thus, we are sure there are not any negative effect on the cooking and roasting properties.


The bottom line is, not only are copper pans attractive in the kitchen, but copper is an excellent conductor of heat and essential for perfect cooking. These pans are used all around the world by cooks for preparing delicate sauces and dishes that demand to be prepared at strictly controlled temperatures.


You cannot make mistake by buying copper pan because whatever you do, this type of kitchen cookware seems the most excellent. They are charming additions to any kitchen, they help with cooking food faster while making it tastier, and they save energy. To conclude, if you want the best, there cannot be other better choice for you.